The Integrated Body Dynamics Team



Justin Johnson   








Our team at Integrated Body Dynamics is led by our 4 founding directors: Robert Donkers, Jenny Pullini, Joy Chamberlin and Justin Johnson.  Robert, Jenny and Joy met several years ago on a massage training course.  They stayed in touch and eventually in 2009 decided to open a clinic together.  At that point, Justin joined in and together they have been running Integrated Body Dynamics ever since.

All our other massage therapists trained with Robert and Justin through our sister company, Accredited Massage Courses Ltd, and were then asked to join the team at Integrated Body Dynamics.

While massage forms the basis of much of what we do here at Integrated Body Dynamics, we realised that we would also like to be able to offer help to our clients in as many other ways as possible, and with other complementary therapies should they be necessary. For this reason, we have welcomed some other Ad-Hoc therapists who fill a few gaps with therapies including: Acupuncture, Nutrition, Reflexology, Energy Medicine and Sleep Consultations, as well as instructors for our Pilates and Yoga classes.

Everyone who practices at the clinic has a passion for learning and undertakes further training and CPD courses every year to enhance their skills.  You can find out more about each therapist by following their link on the left.